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The Proposal

Nick knew that there was only one event in which a proposal would make sense for the creator of world-renowned Brunch Instagram account, BisforBrunch. He made a reservation for the first seating of 10am on a Saturday morning at Cindy’s Rooftop on Michigan Ave. The cover plan was that they were getting brunch with Nick’s parents before their day in the city. In reality the plan was to get there just before their seating, go out to the rooftop and propose there – followed by brunch with a view of the city. The night before, one of Lauren’s friends was in town who, when together, can frequently be seen dancing the night away in some of River North’s finest establishments. Nick knew that Lauren needed to stay home, just this one time while she was in town, or else an early morning wake up call would be difficult. After this was resolved with some quick thinking by Nick, Lauren was in for the night. The only thing Lauren knew about their morning was that they were getting brunch with Nick’s parents but didn’t know when or where. The next morning, Nick decided to tell Lauren that their reservation was at Cindy’s Rooftop at 9:45, and they needed to be there on time. While Nick was out walking the dog, Lauren thought that a 9:45 reservation at a place like Cindy’s seemed odd, since most places like Cindy’s don’t open that early – Lauren double checked Cindy’s hours and sure enough, they didn’t open until 10. Lauren was officially on proposal watch! Earlier in the week, another one of Lauren’s friends was in town, and they treated themselves to a spa day, which, per Nick’s request through the friend, was to include a manicure. Lauren had previously said to Nick: “If at any point someone takes me to get a manicure, I’m going to assume you’re behind it”. Shoot. To Nick’s surprise, Lauren was already dressed when he got back from walking the dog and pretended to be surprised, not happy, with how dressed up she was – they were, after all, only getting brunch with his parents.  This usually comes with a “sweatpants only” dress code -  “Oh this ole’ thing, it’s nothing”. Nick proceeded to get more dressed up than usual, as well.  Something was up. The previous night Nick had put the ring box in the pocket of his “fancy coat”. The next morning on their way out the door, Lauren handed him his every day coat – first time in history this has happened – and he informed her he was wearing his other coat. Hmm. After the longest Lyft ride ever downtown, each fearing the other knew what was about to happen, they arrived at Cindy’s. After some anxious moments of not being let up to the restaurant, they were finally escorted up where Nick’s sister was there to capture their special moment. They were met with champagne and enjoyed a delicious brunch overlooking the city. That evening they celebrated with their families at a dinner that featured wine with some main courses on the side! The perfect day.





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